The Cardano blockchain is a huge project, and it needs the help of the community.

Nothing in the blockchain world has quite inspired so much interest as Cardano. Across the globe, there are developers, business people, large and small corporates, investors, accelerators, and fans, all pushing to get involved in the project. Here at EmurgoHK we encourage that.

We want to create a space where all people involved in, or with an interest in Cardano, can come together either to say abreast of developments, or to find partners and like minds.

We hold two meet-ups per month in Hong Kong, one educational and one social. We also ask our mentors to give talks and workshops to the wider Cardano community from time to time too. Online, we produce blogs and videos to let everyone know what is going on and offer educational resources and opinions where needed.

Follow us on our social accounts, or join our groups, to be informed about what we’re up to.

We also have built Cardano Update Space, an in-house built project with the aim of gathering all projects building on Cardano in one single place. Learn more here.

Furthermore, we have partnered up with IronX and Traxia, our profile company, to connect and give better support to the community. Learn more here.