The Wider Emurgo Family

EmurgoHK is the venture builder for the Cardano blockchain protocol. We accelerate early-stage startups, build developer tools and materials, and connect the wider Cardano community in pursuit of the goal of making Cardano into the world’s largest smart contracts platform.

We Accelerate, Build, and Connect.

EmurgoHK is one of the three current branches of the Emurgo project, together with Emurgo Japan and Emurgo Indonesia. Much like the blockchain protocol we work on, we operate on a decentralised model. This means that we each work in our respective geographies and on our own specialties. To keep up with all the news, we suggest engaging with and following all of us, using the links below:


The cardano project

The Cardano project is managed by three entities, each responsible for its own duties and responsibilities. Together with Emurgo, which works on commercial adoption of the protocol, the Cardano Foundation maintains standards and community, while IOHK builds and maintains the core protocol.

To keep up to date with all the news, we also suggest following CF and IOHK in addition to us.


cardano update space

Cardano Update Space is an in-house built project with the aim of gathering all projects building on Cardano in one single place.

As any project expands, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of what is going on. In the blockchain space, this means what applications and tokens are being built on the protocol, who is working on the project, and which news sources should be trusted.

Unfortunately, we also live in a world where scams and bad actors are present. Nothing matters more to us than our community, so it was from this, and from the reasons above that Cardano Update Space was born.

Cardano Update Space allows anyone to upload things that they think the community should be aware of, whether they are projects to follow, papers and articles to read, or scams to avoid. Moderators and users can then vote on these items to give everything a trust mark that can be used by people navigating the site.

This is a not-for-profit project, and is available to view and join.



The last couple of years have been a period of incredible growth for cryptocurrency and for the exchanges that allow people to move in and out of, and between, different tokens.

Unfortunately, a number of problems have become apparent. The lack of regulations continues to put off large numbers of people from using cryptocurrency exchanges, as does the siloed nature of this as a single investment vehicle.

Therefore, in 2018, EmurgoHK partnered with IronFX, a world-famous forex trading platform, to create IronX.

IronX is a fully-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, with financial licenses in the UK, Australia, Cyprus, and South Africa. It also allows users of the current IronFX platform to move their assets into IronX and vice-versa. This means both that the project facilitates the entrance of hundreds of thousands of new entrants into cryptocurrency trading, and offers other asset classes to crypto investors who wish to diversify their portfolios.

Importantly for Cardano, it is a home where ADA holders can buy, sell, and trade, with ADA being the core token at the heart of the exchange.


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